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There is something about capturing thoughts and ideas in a notebook - "the 1.0 way". In some ways, it's more freeing and quicker to sketch and write out ideas. My problem is that I often can't read my own writing when I go back to look at my notes.

Great list and I look forward to watching the video when I get home.

Hi Valeria,
Great post and a good read for anyone.

While all the points are worth following, based on my own experience #2, #4, and #10 are crucial in building up the 'trust' nodes that will be foundational to your network.

As to #4, in my view an individual can have a rational & logical view on anything if they just put in little relevant content & let their mind simmer on the topic a little (the power of our mind is often underestimated). Having a view and being not afraid to share it (sometimes you might be wrong but instead of getting defensive, one should use those opportunities for learning) goes a long way in 'getting connectd' (this also touches on #1 - believing in yourself).

I like #2 for obvious reasons. More and more we will be living in a shared world. Folks who get selfish with their knowledge or 'expertise' will not be able to sustain their expertise, network or be able to survive. It is about shared knowledge, collective intelligence and the like.

And lastly, #10 is fundamental psychology. Everyone (me included) likes it when we are acknowledge by our peers, family, friends etc. Showing others that you do have them in your radar keeps up the network stability and in turn helps it grow as they 'notice' you.

Once again, great read.

Ned (@nedkumar)

Funny you should say that, because it was my French teacher back in high school who told us that the fundamental difference between speakers of other languages and the French is that they pride themselves on varying how they express the same idea, exploring the beauty of the language, and expanding the range of expression ever so slightly. Of course she was biased, but the point she made struck a chord with me. Thank you again for another thought-provoking post.

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