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For me, the best place to find new content in an organized way is still Google Reader. Google+ helps by allowing me to see only the shares from people of a certain group, but I don't see myself replacing Google Reader any time soon.

In a side note, it would be really interesting to visualize my interests evolution, by mapping on a timeline when and which folders I created and removed from Google Reader.

it's been that way before we got online. Now we just see it differently. I see each new tool as potential for integration in my overall strategy -- where I want to go comes first, how the tool fits/helps, second. Which means the tool should have a purpose and solve a problem off the gate. I'm surprised there is an investment in technology with "if you build it, they will come" attitude in 2011. It seems like a waste to me...

I think you're right on track with all of this, Valeria.

Filtering as it relates to time management and especially *attention* management will be a major challenge for the rest of our working lives, simply because our access to more people, more information, and more venues for connection will continue to go up.

What I'm trying to do in a conscious way from the beginning with G+ is to figure out more interesting ways to use it -- both to fuel my mind differently, and to provide a more interesting, better-filtered mix of my own thoughts to the right people.

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