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I love Content Rules! It's an important book and should be required reading for executives, students, and anyone whose career hinges on leading and communicating.

I'm constantly re-reading important sections. Right now, it's the advice on publishing and promoting eBooks (and the pros & cons of "gating" the content).

Lastly, your article and the 10 Content Rules share many of the Made to Stick SUCCESs Principles espoused by Chip and Dan Heath:

* S = Simple. "Become a Publisher"

* U = Unexpected. "Do Something Unexpected"

* C = Concrete. "We all sat there in rapt attention -- the bigger the fish got, the more we leaned forward in anticipation.

* C = Credible. Your publication of this post serves as the authority of an outside, credible authority.

* E = Emotional. The joyous picture of C.C. and Ann conveys so much.

* S = Stories. What a killer opener! "She stood next to the podium and started reading from Gustav and the Goldfish, a book written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss in 1950 as part of his long-running series of children stories for redbook."

Thank you for sharing your views on Content Rules! And, thank you for inspiring me with your great and memorable communication.

I just finished reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed it! Kinda jealous that you got to see Ann Handley in person. She and CC seem like they would be fun people to know.

Thank you for the awesome review of the book. I've been wondering what you thought of it and I'm glad that you found it so information packed!

Hope our paths cross again soon. It doesn't happen nearly enough.

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