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I love how you put it - succinct and to the point. Thank you. It's the famous search for a silver bullet that drives much of the conversation on influence today. The theory goes that if you look hard enough, you will find it :) It doesn't change reality, it does make for passing time for sure.

Patience is a virtue. The reason why we need to help reframe the topic is because the outcome depends on understanding it. And I'm all about results and performance.

You had me at "Conversation." :P

As tired as I am about the influence discussion (see above), you are consistently reiterating the fundamental truth of the matter, Valeria, and I appreciate that.

If influencers are those with meaningful, human connections to large numbers of people built upon genuine actions which present real value, why is there still such a need to "study" and "measure" this?

It's not rocket science! Welcome to the discussion forum inside the web, circa 1997, people. The amount of help you GET is directly proportional to the amount of help you GIVE. RTFM, already.

The only people using these influence scores are using them to GET more than they GIVE. This is the antithesis of influence, and reason enough for me to give +K to GTFO.

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