Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Ten Reasons Why the Agency Model is Broken


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Funny how at the end of the day, it all comes down to people isn't it? I do wonder why, if talent is so important, which it should be, so many agencies (and companies), hire poorly and allocate resources randomly. I have experienced the difference between being on a piece of business that made sense from a fit standpoint, and seeing what a mis-alignment can wreak on an engagement.

I have found a mix of resources to work best at keeping everyone honest and working from their strengths. For example, I worked with a fairly big ad agency and a senior/experienced account team, bringing in a design firm to provide additional support (and speed) for the direct component, and a printer capable of working efficiently with both. The quality that works best with me is "hands on" capabilities, execution experience at the end of thinking strategically.

Many an agency laments the lack of access to the client's business - and I have experienced that when on the agency side. Because I believe in true partnership, I integrate the account team as part of my operational team. With one caveat: I don't want to see any lazy work, no "save as" decks from other clients repurposed, no generic or warmed up solutions proposed. I love energy, avoid hiring egos and prima donnas. Collaboration = win

one other detail I have not mentioned in the post is that I had the fortune of reviewing the work of other agencies in circumstances where my support was needed to take things to completion.

Indeed, the saying that nobody ever got fired for buying IBM is still applicable. Except when the business truly needs to become stronger, more resilient, and build endurance. Which is when it is ready to admit that the safe choice is not going to cut it.

Good of you to visit. And congratulations on your new position.

Recognizing the problem, addressing it, and growing are refreshing action steps. I have also seen denial, and, in one unforgettable instance, throwing the client under the bus, which I would not recommend under any circumstance - we live in a very small world...

Although I have seen some overlap of agency models, especially more recently in association with eagerness to expand the business into social, I have also seen some disparity in skill sets to support those areas of growth. To me, it makes total sense that a direct marketing shop would handle lead generation. Except for, I would not rely too heavily on Facebook. I might be among the few on this one, I still think a company should use its own web properties as a hub.

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