Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Ten Reasons Why the Agency Model is Broken


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I worked in those companies as well, where there needed to be several layers of approvals. The caliber of the final product depends on that chain to be formed by the right people. I worked with more than one legal counsel who understood the value of creativity, for example, and limited their remarks only to providing counsel to the business on risk.

Revisions are only fun when they come from a place of experience and understanding - and not use of fear and insecurity. Agreed.

Hi Valeria.
Ahh… the agency model. Still broken after all these years.
I’ve been a part of many attempts to offer up an alternative, some successful, some not, and my learning is that while better models may be out there, the most important factor isn’t structure, it’s human.
The solution to just about every problem you outline is getting the right talent on your business.
If I were the client, that would mean: smart, driven, curious, lateral-thinking people who care first and foremost about my business. And if I was a marketer of a certain size, I would be motivated to locate those wonderful people inside of an agency with broader capabilities.
I'm curious about your own experience... what models work best for what situations... which models improve the output of individuals and which ones hold us back?

Agreed. As the majority of my career has been based on creativity, I don't view it as a commodity, either. I have always believed client-focus vs agency infrastructure is key to effective service delivery.

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