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Just catching up on blogs I missed over the July 4 holiday and was excited to read this. I wrote about the same topic back in March (see “Can Women Have It All?” on my blog) in response to a blog on Harvard Business Review’s site (by Sylvia Anne Hewlett of the Center for Work-Life Policy) that asked the question, “does female ambition require sacrifice”? As I said then, as a self-described feminist, I have a hard time thinking of women as victims of their circumstances, but I also recognize that as women, we’re forced to make tough choices and often difficult trade-offs to have the lives we want. The good news is that things seem to be changing and the situation of women in the workplace has really evolved from our mothers’ generation to ours. And while I do think that there are still numerous challenges, I really hope that when my own daughter enters the workforce, the playing field will be more even than it is for us.

Jgombita - I am honestly not sure of exact law. I assume it is illegal to some extent, but no one actually complains as they deem it fruitless/harmful to their careers (and recent events surely demonstrate the state of feminism here). That is particularly true of young 20-somethings just starting out.

Elizabeth, is it LEGAL in France to ask young (or older) women those questions?! If yes, how appalling, in this day and age.

(Valeria, I've shared this post in the Canadian Women in Communications LinkedIn Group, as well as directly with many female and male friends. I remember us having this conversation when you visited Toronto; great to see you refining it and posting about it. Let's work to move the conversations and writings forward!)


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