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Any activity that lets me slow down and get away from work always stirs some creative thinking. The very best? Going away on vacation. I always come back recharged with thoughts on being more creative at work and in my personal life.

I really enjoyed this. Interesting how everyone has their own way of getting to an answer isn't it? In a book about the making of the original radio scripts for Hitch-hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, there’s a lovely story about author Douglas Adams’ love of Chinese takeaways and baths, and his tendency to consume more and more of both, the closer he got to deadline. As a result, the more pressing the timeframe became, the cleaner and more replete the writer.

Taking up your challenge, here are my 7 favourite ways to solve a problem:

Thanks for the opportunity.

I have alwats found swimming to be great and also the cinema...two hours of not actually thinking but just taking in the offered information seriously frees up your mind....I ususally have a sketch book on hand and am drawing as the lights come up, capturing resolved design ideas.

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