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Hi Valeria,

This is so funny. I am not such a television watcher. But somehow I am hooked to Australian Masterchef. Why? Because I love to see those 3 guys talk, feel, live with food. And watching this series I tried to make a combination with communication and conversations. And now I just read your post. I think it is a perfect analogy of what the creativity and conversations can do if you just follow the rules. Txs Love it!

cleaning up after oneself is an excellent rule of thumb. Good addition. Thank you.

Valeria, good analogy for conversations or customer relationships. As a Greek cook, one more thing I might add, don't forget to clean up as you go along so you don't have a mess when you finish. You want to enjoy the meal not dread going back to the kitchen. In the same way, if there is a problem that crops up with a customer, ensure it is taken care of quickly. You need to keep coming back to a clean counter after different activities (interactions) to make sure it's still clean... as customers can always leave the kitchen if they don't like the meal or cook.

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