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it almost feels like businesses have skipped a whole phase and jumped right into the sequel with social media. Losing the intermediaries - media, and agencies - has probably also played a role in that jump... to conclusions. An analogy I use often is that of expecting to jump right into marriage without ever dating (i.e., learning about the other, etc.).

good points. Thank you. And thank you for reading.

Valeria—I read your blog often. Thank you.

You make an important point re: helping people (or communities or buyers or...) do what they want to do. There's often a significant difference between what prospects want versus what they actually need. But perceived pain is always more of a motivator than anything else.

Engaging people on the level of what they want often opens the door for more explorational, collaborative conversations around actual needs. For any marketer or sales person is the ideal entry point.

Meaning = marketing.

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