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Valeria - Indeed. Sometimes the opportunities hang around and out-last the risks. One thing I have noticed with increasing strength in the last few years, is that people don't trust people. Not even the people they know well. We have a hard time making risky decisions because we lack the trust in our connections. More like net attached to 'take advantage of'.

One of the big reasons I try to develop solid relationships first and then proceed with business. 10 years ago I would have said, find a business partner and then become best friends. Today, it feels like you need to find someone you want to be a business partner, make them your friend and then develop the business.

You are exactly right with your last statement, it does make for some really good stories. ;)

I suggest that is a nice gesture and not quite or nearly enough. When are businesses getting back to trading on promises?

I really like this part, Brian: "Business is actually doing less with more." on so many levels. Got me thinking...

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