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I worked with many CEOs over the years. Sadly, it was the rare one who qualified for the kind of vision and leadership such a position should demand. "Painfully few" and now even fewer as I'm watching many start-ups being funded on the basis of gimmicks and quick schemes...

I feel for him possibly dealing with health issues. A person with such vision and integrity is a gift. In my career, I have missed most the people who were demanding - because I knew they demanded from themselves more than they would ever ask of anyone else. And they were the most fair, too.

Love or hate Steve Jobs, he's an inspiring force and rare breed. His commencement addresses and perspective on life - how we need to make the most of each and every day are words I often think about. Not to mention his ability to make the complex not only simple but delightful.

I, too, started on those early Macintosh computers. I was in awe of what I could do with Pagemaker and Freehand. I in awe now of what you can do with a tiny iPhone today.

There are painfully few people who can fuse such passion and purpose to change the world like he has.

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