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Yes, I don't want Internet pipes. I like the freedom of the Internet ocean, as most of us probably do, but are tempted otherwise.
I checked on my site. Corrected. Thanks.

His execution was just very poor - why slam someone for an idea? Which is the reason I wave a red flag on the observation that lack of critical thinking is making us the poorer. Even in biology, it is the most diverse gene that grows stronger.

There is also a bigger or meta thought in my post. Which is we better we careful what we wish for, because we might just get it... will the Internet become a pipe just like TV, where we're streamed what to think about and see only what the organizations controlling the pipes want us to see?

Strangely, your site pulls up saying "Just another site" like one of the many automated sites that take content from around the web to serve up ads. And I don't think it is one of those. You may want to have it looked at.

Alexander's comment actually got me to understand your point more clearly. I think.

Your idea is that options are being streamlined to our likings, and not diversified, and that it discourages discovery.

I think it is giving us what we want, like Alexander said. We seek familiar ideas, friends, our village, that makes us feel safe.

But I think you were also encouraging us to challenge ourselves to have a conversation (stop bullshitting, stop commenting) and share different ideas, because that's what we need.

If this is what you were getting at, I would agree.
If not,'s my two cents.

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