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In my observations, a sense of belonging and a feeling that you're making a difference are (still) in short supply and much needed - an area of opportunity for many businesses *if* they're willing to go back to basics (in other words, not making it a "campaign" or an artificial thing. A true promise related to the business itself.)

Great way to start a Tuesday, Valeria. If I may...

1. Involvement; painting a picture the senses can read like braille, taking the imagery off the screen/page and translating it into memories of a shared experience. This is where "Whole New Mind" (sitting next to me at my desk) came to my mind. Left-handed. Right-mind. Right on.

2. Honesty; those who do not like the truth can either change or ignore it. There's no point in trying to be something you are not. It's unsustainable and degrading.

3. A difference - the only thing worth making, imo. Value is communicated when we answer WHY and HOW. The proof is in the WHAT, which follows these two like form follows function.

4. Authority? I agree with your educate/teach perspective, here. True success means helping others achieve success, however it looks to them. I can't think of a better way to establish authority than helping others excel at it.

5. Belonging; the things we have in common enable us to realize the full potential of our diversity. Those meaningful connections affect a sense of belonging.

6. I still have to work on the urgency thing, but I think it's a question of helping others see the urgency in whatever it is they're trying to achieve moreso than anything I'm after on my end.

7. I always read my own copy. Over and over. I know it's wordy. I know I push the unspoken boundaries of blog comment etiquette by leaving such long comments, but when the topic is important, I think it's warranted.


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