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thank you for your kind words, Brian. Before the blog, I was facilitating conversations on the FastCompany listserv, back to 2000. You'd think the posts there looked a lot like blogging. And I worked on providing content- and discussion-rich live conversations with series of topical events, brainstorms, round tables, etc. 100 of them ;-)

Putting skin in the game changes your life. That's what you've done. I'm happy for you that it turned out to be such a good experience. These are the results that matter.

Congratulations, Valeria. It's only been five years? I had no idea. This is a special month for me, as well. Recall you showed me you gave a damn about me and showed me how what those around me do matters in the larger scheme of things.

Gearbox Magazine officially came to life on September 19th, 2009. The following day, you asked me four simple questions via email which forever changed the direction of my automotive journalism pursuits (and my life). The result has been two years dedicated to connecting people ideas, most particularly, that they matter.

Things are looking up. Thank you, Valeria, for connecting me with so many ideas. You've made a difference.

funny how quickly five years go by. Although I did notice the late nights writing posts ;-) I would have not met Jonathan, nor Chris, were it not for this blog... nor to make many, many more connections. I say there are three conversations - 1) that we have with ourselves; 2) that we have with others; 3) that our ideas and doings open with the world.

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