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Social networks know you as much as you let them know you. And even then they know the side of you that you allow them to know. Or at least that would be the best case scenario. I'm saying best case scenario because we all know how much social networks influence our lives from our online reputation to almost literally our identity.

I used to be able to reach out to many friends met online on a personal level... that spirit of wanting to know about each other has gone.

When I meet people, I get to know them, I remember them, what they say, their interests, etc. I can tell you this is very rare to find in people.

"Relevance" is key here. I like your comment about how follow-through being important to show true color. Authenticity is important to achieve your true goals, on and off line. If you are networking on line, you should be reaching out as the real you, to build connections with real people, not just other online presences.

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