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I'm not opposed to commerce, by any means, Valeria. What bothers me is the way so many of these social outlets are looking for ways to increase digital real estate as a means to serve up more advertising.

Rather than make something or challenge people to unite and accomplish real good in the world, we're just out to generate more content so we can serve up advertising. I find that morally vacuous.

Why should people be talking about your product? How has it legitimately benefited them? What reason should they have for discussing product?

The focus should be less on enticing people to discuss mediocre, marginally improved, race-to-the-bottom GOODS, and more on delivering ridiculously valuable BETTERS which make a meaningful, positive difference in peoples' lives.

What's the point of being top of the chaff pile? ;)

"More and more, however, it feel like we're simply trying to monetize activity." I wonder why commerce has come to be equated to a bad thing. When I am able to connect to things that interest me, I enjoy learning about products and services. Do you suppose it's a matter of execution? Marketers missing the market/mark?

Calculated and voyeuristic behavior exists in real life as well. I've been wondering if these are the modern rituals. The more people could (potentially) see your creations, the more thought gets put into what to display and how. Feedback (the social proofing concept) reinforcing some aspects and discouraging others...

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