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the post Gianluca wrote is about Italian companies not offering the ability for people to comment and review on their sites. There is no question Italians are chock full of opinions and will speak up - I am one, after all ;-)

Thank you for sharing the European statistics.

Good considerations on the importance of reviews and comments: a shared opinion about an object (social, physical, or both) is fundamental for its life and for the engagement it can activate. It can easily turn into purchase when we're speaking about products or services.

The only consideration I find quite hard to agree upon is about Italy. Italian people are highly engaged in commenting, rating and exchanging opinions on social media. Look, just to give you quantitative data and not just "feelings", at Forrester's Technographics for Italy. According to "Forrester Research's European Technographics® Benchmark Survey, Q2 2010, 25,535", the percentage of people who rate and comment in Italy (called critics by Forrester) is 25%, while for Europe and France it's 19%, for UK and Spain 21% and for Germany 12%. One in four people is for sure an interesting percentage, particularly if you compare it with other countries.

No doubt, anyway, that in Italy the importance of comments, ratings and is extremely high, because engagement can define the communication, marketing and commercial success of a product for any niches of people that define groups of interests.

In that sense, good post
StefanoM - commenting from Italy :)

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