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Yes, say it another way is a good technique to get us out of automatic mode and into human mode. I like the idea of the Board room a lot.

I'm glad she has the opportunity to work with you. Then we wonder why corporations produce drones, why people change when they cross the threshold in the morning. Language matters, and it is often a matter of paring down, of getting to the essence.

In the same way we cannot *will* ourselves into being liked just through important-sounding words. Those kinds of statements are awkward at best, and they end up making what they describe sounds all the same.

This reminds of perhaps the best teacher I’ve ever had, Ron Selby In Calculus, whenever someone would give a correct answer which we didn’t understand, he encouraged us to ask him or her, “Simplify” in order to get a more helpful answer. And if the simplification was not helpful, we would not be afraid to ask again, “Simplify”. Imagine sitting in a board room or meeting and after a complicated spiel, people looked at the speaker questioningly, and said, “Simplify.”

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