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So true, Valeria.

Amazon seems to keep getting better, imo. Most recently, ordering a book on a Saturday morning, getting a tracking number early the same afternoon, and receiving it Monday. Not the first time that's happened, either!

As for what to watch? I highly recommend:
1. The IT Crowd (BBC)
2. That Mitchell and Webb Look (BBC)
3. Top Gear (BBC)
4. Monty Python's Flying Circus (BBC)
5. LOST (OMG. It's addicting.)

I've also found a site called InstantWatcher which clues me in to non-crap movies recently added to Netflix streaming. Hmmm... is there a market for businesses which help customers get a better experience with other businesses?

Funny enough, this morning Netflix announced a deal with Dreamworks - so not all is lost. However, Amazon had its own announcement of a deal with Fox adding 11,000 movies and TV shows to instant video... looks like the race for eyeballs and share of wallet is on.

The next challenge is what to watch? With relatively limited time, you'd want to find the best movies and programs.

Is this Heidi Strom Moon talking, or a person whose name is what was entered in the profile? I like businesses, I just prefer talking with people. The potential SEO value is never worth missing an opportunity to have a real conversation.

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