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there's a thriving industry working hard to be the gatekeeper between you and hiring managers ;-) While I have met some incredibly talented recruiters and a few who were generous and long-term in their thinking, I've been underwhelmed by the large majority. I tend to think bigger than choosing keywords for a resume and screening people out.

Businesses should be focused on trade. That for many means they need a model to trade promises. Most of the issues would be corrected there.

Yes, it's so hard for so many companies to change their mindset and truly become customer centric, as opposed to customer focused, which to my mind is a totally different animal. Just keep on pushing the stuff out is still the mantra and to get with the flow, let's just add this "social thing" on top of it. How long will it still take for them to turn this around, I wonder?

As for your reply, I totally agree. Have never gotten a job by sending around a resume and applying for it and likely never will.

to me, your example speaks more to being relevant vs. gaming the system. Or am I to infer that you're teaching candidates to cheat on their resume, stretch things a little (or a lot), so they can get to talk to someone at the hiring company? Every great opportunity I had in my career came through relationships and relevance...

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