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That is very inspirational stuff. That feeling can be this diversified. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to extend such helpful information on this post. . famous quotes = hope

Valeria, what a magnificent collection of wonderful quotes! Each one is a gem, but altogether it’s an encyclopedia of what life is all about. To me, in the business world, if frontline associates could strive to put a smile on everyone's heart on every encounter, and treat customers as people first, customers second, it would make all of our lives better. And conversely, if customers treated frontline associates with the respect they deserve, it would be a great two-way street. Richard Shapiro, The Center For Client Retention @richardrshapiro

Yes. I was reminded of that quote as I re-read a thread here that is 3+ years old - - doing it your way, doing something original, means you're not going to be popular. At least not in the usual ways. There are other ways, of course. Like helping a large corporation scale back to its core and restart from a place of strength. Or helping a startup scale up with built in wisdom of the trade in the leadership team. That's what I do. So it's not shocking I would not be popular in the middle, where everyone else is playing.

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