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I'm seeing companies like Apple and Amazon working to go direct with consumers - for different ends. And Social Networks like Facebook and Google+ (potentially) as other channels for transactions and deals to take place outside banks... so yes, people in the end will vote with their own actions. As for entertainment: we're scratching the surface with tablets. There is tremendous potential in mobile content streaming.

It's an interesting thing to think about. Likely something which will vary by industry, methinks.

Can't help but think, however, with regards to cable TV, being without it 4+ years now, I can't see how people are still willing to shell out for hundreds of channels they never watch. I like to think the future of TV will be commercial-free, a la carte through services like Netflix (assuming they can get their ish together).

Air travel is already quietly being turned on its ear by the likes of Social Flights, which is perhaps one of the most brilliant ideas I've ever come across. I haven't had any luck with them this far west, but if I lived in the eastern US, I'd definitely be using them over the commercial cattle carriers.

Banks, well, I see them driving themselves obsolete. They bring very little to the table these days, anyways. Parasites sucking the lifeblood of the global economy if you ask me. Somewhere between BitCoin, PayPal, and PopMoney, I'm sure there's a way for the average Joe to cut ties with the big banks already in development.

Imagine if people bundled themselves together...

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