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We use Twitter all the time to promote our business and I am always astonished by the power of this little tool. As technology has evolved it's so much easier to get in contact with you customers. Twitter is most definitely a daily tool in our business. Enjoyed the article very much.

Hi Valeria! Love this post and the lists you created! Just followed them. Would love for you to add @Grasshopper to your customer service list. We use that handle to for everything from engaging and sharing to customer service. Its an easy way for our customers and prospects to get in touch with us, ask questions and get answers quickly without having to pick up the phone.

Valeria -- I enjoy The Conversation Agent a great deal. Social listening is a topic I've spent some time researching recently. Some of the more advanced tools are going beyond listening for mentions via keyword monitoring to text analytics and natural language processing to decipher the sentiment of a post and understand the various abbreviations people use on the web. The same tools dispatched to locate conversations in the public domain can also be turned to analyze customer service chat logs and even emails. Then, they have escalation paths to route trending topics to the proper agents / experts, and even transition a social issue to a case for structured resolution if necessary. Institutional listening by departments such as customer service has advanced significantly in the past few years, particularly for the major brands. And, it's an area we're likely to see and hear a lot more about in the future.

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