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I enjoy reading fiction and have discovered excellent writers that way over the years. I like that the advice on Resistance is coming from a writer. Yes, it is an ongoing battle, even for (apparently) prolific writers like me.

I'm going to add The Legend of Bagger Vance to my 10 book rotation, which is getting ridiculous. Having more than 2 books in my que is a big mistake, and yet I persist.
I have been reading The War of Art for a few months now. I pick it up randomly or when I need motivated. Writing two books while blogging and working a 9-5 is taxing..and feeds the Resistance beast easily. A relationship doesnt help either, but it's a priceless addition to life.
Resist Resistance, Valeria! Oh, and Do the Work is going in my que, too. Thanks for the recommendations.

Focus is a beautiful thing. And this book delivers the message vividly, which is why it works for me.

There's also a great thread on Google+ for anyone who wants to follow all comments

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