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You can distinguish truthiness from a real truth, all you have to do is read between the lines and feel the emotion or lack of emotion behind the text. I guess a takeway too is, if we are going to write or do something, we might as well be all out or nothing at all.

I think what we need is big purposeful who cares if its true or not kind of stuff.

Everyone seems so caught up in truth that we forget the future is never particulary truthful or realistic to the present.

I say it is better to beat the truth of today with disciplined imagination than blog aboutits victories.

We need a better class of untruth.

Very interesting. The majority of internet content definitely seems to fit into the "truthiness" category, but hopefully articles like this will help people wise-up to the deceptiveness of this type of copy. Writers on the internet need to take a hint from trained journalists and start focusing on the truth!

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