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I think its about being apPROriate.

Branson is the archetypal "tradie". The tradie does what is appropriate and not what is perceived as right.

The thing is to the outside world Branson can look the noble naive. His inexperience giving him a competitive advantage. The idea that being unencumbered by experience is somehow a virtue.

This is a mistake as it misses the point that what Branson is experienced in is trading well.

That trading well results in novel business models/strategies is not a function of inexperience but of putting together a model/strategy that is more appropriate than the competitor. That requires deep and dexterous thinking.

For example, to a tradie the question is always what else could this asset be and to whom is it most valuable. To the business person an asset is generally one thing and its simply an input into a strategy.

To the tradie the issue is about potentiality. To a business person the issue is about removing all potentiality and going with the plan.

Thats my take.



You'll excuse me if I had to hastily share a story with Sir Branson on his site. As much as I would love to one day travel the world, meeting gearheads of every stripe, sharing stories with them, and highlighting the power of common ground to realize our true potential, there was just no way I could pass on a chance - however slight - to meet such an inspirational character. :)

Back on-topic, I would consider myself a topical person. Seems like I'm constantly shifting from a wider angle, semi-framed by my travels in the automotive, community development, social media, knowledge management circles, to a more zoomed-in state of mind when a particular piece of information fires the right synapse. It's an ever-changing focus - considering details, but as they relate to the larger picture.

The more I hear in terms of promises, the more I like the idea. Forget the information and knowledge economies - bring on the meaning economy. :)

Thanks for sharing, Valeria.

I really need to practice my English more :-)

Now I am not sure which two you mean, but how I read the other article it fits perfectly with what you wrote. Assuming I got that right of course.

Acting from an inner compass and freed from the veil that experience can be is part of the recipe for Branson's success if you will.

I am sure he does some hard thinking as well, but judging from what I previously read from him he is more about doing than thinking.

Obviously you learn from doing and thus gain experience so without thinking he would also not be where he is today.

Perhaps the difference between being a pro or not is about how the experience was gained?

Or is it perhaps a question about what comes first? Acting or thinking about it?

PS: Now that I think about it I wonder if that is the reasoning behind the Virgin name. The lack of experience I mean, but that is perhaps sidetracking this too much... :-)

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