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My name is Ian Harris.
I'm a mild-mannered Chartered Accountant practising in Hawthorn, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
I have a deep interest in eCommerce and social networking.
I am also a director of a small private investment company that is seeking to bring a number of eCommerce projects to fruition.
Our initial project has been a new consciousness magazine which has a content-rich website behind it and an online store which will be appearing shortly (see project is already up and running and we are seeking additional capital to expand it.
I also write a political blog (Australia) from the perspective of a blowfly sitting on the shoulders of politicians and thinking about issues in this country. (
We presently have a variety of IT start-ups we are working on to get investor-ready. All are scalable and exceptional.
We are seeking to identify new sources of vapital and venture partners to bring these to fruition.
I am a student of Osterwalder's business model canvas notion and use this in my work. It is a remarkable tool for reviewing business models and developing new ones(
I am seeking collaborations which will advance my knowledge and the projects I am working on.

Hi everyone - I'm Darcy Silvers, a freelance copywriter/PR consultant in the Philadelphia area. My specialty is e-commerce. I love a creative challenge, and thrive under deadline pressure (must be due to my journalism background).

I've probably visited this page to introduce myself about 10 times, but for one reason or another I simply decided to do it at a later time. Well, today I would like to say, “Hi Valeria, my name is Jeremy Victor, nice to meet you.”

I live in Bucks County, PA with my wife and three children. I was born and raised in the area and am an alumni of North Penn High School. I love everything about this area, especially the spring that is about to break!

I'm founder of Make Good Media. We are a publisher and new media marketing agency. We publish the online magazine, where I serve as the Editor In Chief. (@b2bbloggers - is an online magazine for B2B marketers. Our goal is to engage, educate, and make it easier for B2B marketers to find the information they care about to do their jobs successfully.

I am also the co-moderator (with Ksenia Coffman and Kent Huffman) of the newly launched #B2Bchat. You can follow @B2B_Chat for updates and of course you are invited to join us on every Thursday at 8 pm ET as we strive bring the B2B marketing community on Twitter together. We had a great discussion last week – here is a recap:

I am a new entrepreneur as I just founded the in July of last year. In 2009 I focused on launching and in the beginning of 2010, we began advising business on B2B social media and content marketing.

Our core consulting framework is built around five words - ATTRACT -> NURTURE -> ENGAGE -> CONVERT -> LOVE. We use this framework to help B2B companies create integrated marketing plans that align with the overall corporate objectives.

Additionally with my 15 years experience working in technology based companies in the areas of marketing, operations, and customer service and support, we are also helping companies answer the bigger question today, "How do we become a social business?"

Unfortunately due to a last minute conflict I was unable to attend the #140 Conf Meetup last night in Manayunk. I was truly looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you in person. I have been following your blog, retweeting your content, and learning a great deal from you over the past several months.

I see that you have several other speaking engagements coming up in the area, so maybe we will meet one day at an event soon. Or at a coffee shop in Doylestown. Whatever the case, when the day comes, it will be an honor and pleasure to meet you.

Thanks for this page … @jeremyvictor

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